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Income Tax Preparation


bulletPersonal Income taxes are processed efficiently and quickly.  
bulletIdentifying opportunities to reduce taxes within tax guidelines..
bulletPick up and Delivery of Clients data.
bulletE-Filing completed returns.
bulletT-2 Corporation Taxes for small businesses


Electronic Filing vs Mail...
When you mail your return to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, it can take several days to get there (assuming it doesn't get lost).  After it arrives, your return will probably lay in a stack of incoming mail until it is sorted.  It may lay in another stack to be processed until it is finally entered on a computer by an Canada Customs and Revenue Agency employee.  You do not receive any acknowledgment that your return has been filed.  Don't forget..... allow another 2-3 weeks after processing if you have a refund due.  In other words, it could take up to 8 weeks to get your refund when you file your return by mail.


Electronic Filing Process...
We input your return on our computer and send it electronically to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.  We will  receive an acknowledgment from the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency as soon as we E-File telling us if your return was accepted.  If your return is rejected, we can contact you for corrections and send it again the same day.  That's it!  No mail delays, no processing delays, it's usually done within 48 hours.  You have just removed 2-7 weeks off the old  processing time.  If you have a refund due, you should receive it in 2-3 weeks.


Direct Deposit Option

You may have your refund deposited into your own checking or savings account.  This is the safest way to receive your tax refund.


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